Drive Log Recorder (Tachograph)

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Improve Personal Driving Habit Due to Systematic Analysis!
  • Prevent or Decrease Traffic Accidents
  • Decrease After Accidents Cost
  • Decrease Gas Cost
  • Decrease Pollution
  • Can be Installed on Any Imported or Domestic Trucks and Buses

Drive log recorder was first applied in 1925 in Germany to verify if mine workers are actually working as claimed. Later it is employed in Europe, Japan and leter in the US.

In Korea,

  • In 1972, mechanical type drive log recorder rule was made
  • In 1996, electronic drive log recorder rule was made
  • In Jan. 1997, mandatory installation on all logistics transportation was enforced
  • In Nov. 2002, stricter rule was made
  • In 2011, new drive log recorder rule was made
  • During 2012~2013, all buses, taxis and trucks more than 1 ton had been enforced to install standardized drive log recorder.
Number of vehicles that require drive log recorder is increasing. Electronic type of drive log recorder is vastly employed due to it's usability and economical benefits. Overseas inquiries are increasing due to understanding of benefits of drive log recorder.

Why Drive Log Recorder?

  • Serious Accidents due to speeding or fatigue of driver in large vehicles
  • Possible to have accident due to wrong driving habit (speeding, sudden stop)
  • Dispute because nobody knows what exactly happened during the accident
To resolve these these issues, speed, rpm, break, and other signals are collected every second, and in case of need records are exported to analyse.

Benefits of Drive Log Recorder

Drive log recorder provide speeding, sudden decrease of speed, sudden stop or any other misbehaviour according to vehicle or driver out of records of speed, distance, engine status, etc. information and analysis on the data.

  • Prevent traffic accident by educating drivers' bad habits
  • Maintain vehicles efficiently and reduce fuel cost and repair cost by analysing driving distance, driving time, & rest time, etc.
  • In case of accident, reconstruction of accident is possible according to the records of vehicle
  • Avoid dispute in case of speeding due to clear evidence is already recorded

Feature Item Description
Internal Memory Capacity More than 6 Months
Storage Media SD Memory (2~16 GB)
Wireless Interface WCDMA / GSM (option)
USB Interface Data Transmission through Smart Phone (option)
Connection Type CAN / Cable Type
Type of Records (Each Second) Speed / RPM / Break / GPS / G-Sensor / Mileage / Driving Hours / Status
LBS Real Time Location of Vehicle (option)
DATA Submission Optional Service
Fuel Consumption Current / Daily / Accrued (option)
Remote Access Information Update (through SMS)
Temperature Sensor Up to 2ea (option)
Specification Item Description
Operating Voltage DC 9 ~ 36 V
Current Consumption MAX 65mA @ DC 24V
Operating Temperature -15 ~ 70 °C
LCD Screen Size 41(W) X 12(H) mm
Dimensions 80(W) X 26(H) X 100(D) mm
Weight 180g (including Bracket)
Processor 32Bit EISC 96MHz
LCD Type Graphic LCD (1280 X 32 Dots)
Memory Size 512 MB / up to 10 years
GPS SiRF-4 / RS232 (9600 bps)
G Sensor BMA150 / I2C Interface
Input Signals Speed / RPM / Break (CAN, Cable)
Product Type Product Description Interface
TDS-1 Standard Drive Log Recorder (Cable Type) SD Memory Card (2 ~ 4 GB)
TDS-CAN / TDS-E6 / TDS-V Drive Log Recorder (OBD II Type) SD Memory Card (2 ~ 4 GB)
TDS-1S Drive Log Recorder (Smart Type) SD Memory Card / Smart Phone
TDS-1K Drive Log Recorder (Communication Type) SD Memory Card / 3G Modem
FSDT-01 Japan Type Drive Log Recorder SD Memory Card / USB / 8Pin RS-232

DSET design, develop & produces digital tachograph.

DAESIN, DSET have been working in vehicle electronics and development works for more than 20 years.

DSET focuses on advancement of technologies, people in mind, and provide smart solutions.

Product of DSET includes digital tachograph, drive log recorder, event data recorder, dash cam, black box, drive recorder, bus information system, route announcement system, gps tracker, rear-view system, etc.