GPS Tracker

  • Real Time Location of Vehicle
  • Vehicle Status Information
  • Vehicle Tracking in case of Stolen
  • Prevent Car Start / RV Heater Control
  • Speed / Fuel Consumption Information

Feature Item Description
Modem Communication Interval Every 3 min.
Data Backup Method Wireless Modem
Wireless Interface WCDMA (3G, LTE) Modem / GSM Modem
Connection Type CAN / Cable (Speed Only)
Type of Records (every 10 secs) Speed / RPM / GPS / Mileage / Fuel Consumption
LBS Real Time Vehicle Location
Fuel Consumption Support Only CAN Type
Remote Access Prevent Car Start / RV Heater On/Off (option)
Battery Check Alert in case of Low Voltage
Specification Item Description
Operating Voltage DC 9 ~ 36 V
Current Consumption MAX 160mA @ DC 24V
Operating Temperature -15 ~ 70 °C
Dimensions 80(W) X 25(H) X 40(D) mm
Weight 140g (including Bracket)
Processor 32Bit EISC 96MHz
Internal Memory 1MB
GPS SiRF-4 / RS232 (9600 bps)
Input Signals Speed, RPM, Break (CAN / Cable)

DSET design, develop & produces digital tachograph.

DAESIN, DSET have been working in vehicle electronics and development works for more than 20 years.

DSET focuses on advancement of technologies, people in mind, and provide smart solutions.

Product of DSET includes digital tachograph, drive log recorder, event data recorder, dash cam, black box, drive recorder, bus information system, route announcement system, gps tracker, rear-view system, etc.