• Real Time Tracking System

    Solution to make efficient vehicle management. Save costs by eco-driving and efficient vehicle maintenance.

  • TDS-1 Drive Log Recorder

    Smallest form factor in the market, TDS-1 is extremely easy to install and place around dashbord.

  • TDS-100 Rear View Camera

    Without complicated wiring, TDS-100 smartly transmit rear view image through wireless communication to ensure safety.

  • TDS-200 Dash Cam

    Equipped with wide dynamic range and high definition camera, TDS-200 is all-purposes camcorder.

  • FSDT-01 Drive Log Recorder

    ODM developed for Japanese client and certified by Japanese government, FSDT-01 is a solid drive log recorder model.

  • TDS-1K Cloud Type Recorder

    3G enabled drive log recorder. It automatically transmits drive log records to cloud server.

  • TDS-400 GPS Tracker

    GPS equipped tracker transmit location information along with vital vehicle information to control center.

  • TDS-1S Smart Recorder

    Drive records are transmitted to cloud server through smartphones without causing communication cost every month.


DSET design, develop & produces digital tachograph.

DAESIN, DSET have been working in vehicle electronics and development works for more than 20 years.

DSET focuses on advancement of technologies, people in mind, and provide smart solutions.

Product of DSET includes digital tachograph, drive log recorder, event data recorder, dash cam, black box, drive recorder, bus information system, route announcement system, gps tracker, rear-view system, etc.